Imagine a life free from pain, stress, or restriction due to a prevailing injury or musculoskeletal condition.

A life without casts, slings, painkillers, or constant pain. A life where you’re only limited by your dreams, not your body. Now, you can live your best life knowing that you have an orthopaedic surgeon, knee specialist, and shoulder specialist, Dr. Romanelli, by your side. 



Dr. Daniel Romanelli is a board-certified doctor, in both Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. This dual certification enables him to assess, diagnose, and heal a complexity of musculoskeletal conditions as both a shoulder specialist and knee specialist, giving you the power to get back to life without any worries.

From tendonitis in your shoulders to ACL injuries in your knees, Dr. Romanelli wants the best orthopaedic care for his patients. Dr. Romanelli and his colleagues have the tools and expertise to handle it all. By fusing the worlds of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine together, he has a comprehensive understanding of a variety of injuries, with the long-standing experience and reputation to back it up.

Serving as a knee specialist and shoulder specialist, Dr. Romanelli is an excellent choice as your orthopaedic surgeon because of his enduring dedication and commitment to his craft.



With a BA from UCLA and medical degree from New York Medical College, his journey to becoming a well respected orthopaedic specialist has been decades in the making. Now that he calls Texas his home, Dr. Romanelli has grown not only within the medical world, but within the community he serves. He contributes to the community in a variety of methods as an orthopaedic consultant for both UTRGV Athletics and the Rio Grande Valley Area High Schools. On top of his local contributions, Dr. Romanelli has served as an official Team Physician for the U.S. National Soccer team, Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, and the list goes on. 

Dr. Romanelli isn’t an excellent orthopaedic surgeon in Texas because of his medical certifications and degrees, but because of the way he harnesses them. To better serve his patients throughout Texas, he is constantly researching new surgery methods, treatment options, and patient experience approaches. By consistently dedicating his life to his career, Dr. Romanelli has grown from a local specialist to the a well respected orthopaedic surgeon located in Texas and Southwest. 
In efforts to connect with his patients, Dr. Romanelli is proud to be a fluent Spanish speaking physician on staff. Instead of relying on the support of other Spanish-speaking support, Dr. Romanelli is dedicated to transparent communication and trust with each and every Texas patient, from any and every cultural background. 
If you’re looking to find the freedom lost to your injury, call Dr. Romanelli today at (956) 420-3311 for same or next-day appointments. Or, you can fill out the application request online to get a head start on the process right now.
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Dr. Romanelli is an accomplished knee specialist and shoulder specialist throughout the Southwest, giving countless patients the tools to get back to life in no time.  With Dr. Romanelli on your side, you can count on a complete and thorough evaluation, with a customized treatment plan built around you and your injury. On-site diagnosis and assessment, as well as in-depth prevention tips and education, give you the power to break free from limitations and exceed expectations like never before. 
As a dedicated knee specialist, Dr. Romanelli employs cutting-edge treatments and methods to deliver more effective and lasting results, improving your quality of life and giving you the mobility you desperately miss. 
Or, if you’re in need of an expert shoulder specialist, Dr. Romanelli will employ the same innovative thinking to deliver results that enable you to take each step with confidence and comfort, through all walks of life. No matter where your needs may fall, Dr. Romanelli harnesses the power of research, dedication, and personal attention to deliver the best orthopaedic solutions for all. 



With Dr. Romanelli as your personal knee specialist, you will finally receive the vital attention and focus you deserve. He understands how critical your knees are to your life, as they support and strengthen each step you take through life. When their ability to function is limited, your life is limited.

From active lifestyles to simple ones, your knees are the key to getting you from point A to point B. If you’re a rock climber, you need your knees to depend on throughout your climb. If you’re an avid cyclist, your knees propel you forward, allowing you to excel and improve your performance. Even if you don’t engage in an active lifestyle, you still depend on your knees to get up stairs, go grocery shopping, and sit at your desk comfortably. Simply put, every person in every walk of life is affected by knee injuries, which is why Dr. Romanelli has dedicated his knee specialist career to find lasting solutions that improve your daily life. 

Certain factors can contribute to your likelihood of developing injuries or problems which require a knee specialist. If you have an active job, your work can encourage your knee issues. Common jobs that create knee injury are construction, contracting, and other building-related fields. Additionally, if you’re a professional athlete, you understand that injuries are a common thread throughout your career. Not only does Dr. Romanelli possess the tools as a knee specialist to diagnose and treat your knee problems, but his intensive concentration into Sports Medicine gives him the unique ability to tackle your problems from both ends. Additionally, recreational activities, your age, history of arthritis, and other joint issues can be contributing factors.

A vital cornerstone of Dr. Romanelli’s knee specialist practice is tracing these roots to determine what fed into your knee injury or problem in order to better understand it. By digging deep into your mobility history, he can accurately determine how the problem presented itself. And by understanding what created it as your knee specialist, Dr. Romanelli can take the necessary steps to ensure it won’t reappear.

Dr. Romanelli is here to serve you as a dependable and compassionate knee specialist, treating a wide variety of common knee issues that can affect your mobility and overall freedom.

ACL, MCL, and PCL injuries, which primarily affect the ligaments of your knee and are your major source of stability.

Torn cartilage and meniscus injuries, which address the worn down or lost cushion that stabilizes and protects your knee joint. 

Articular cartilage defects, which soften the cartilage and can cause cracks or fissures within the cartilage.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, also known as runner’s knee, which is an umbrella term used to describe patella pain at the front of the knee.

Kneecap dislocation or instability, Arthritis, Tendonitis, and fractures are also under the scope of Dr. Romanelli’s services as a knee specialist.

Osteonecrosis or Avascular Necrosis, which inhibits your range of movement due to decrease blood cells, resulting in the death of bone cells. 

Work or sports-related injuries that may arise throughout your career are always addressed with Dr. Romanelli as your knee specialist.

Once your knee issues have been addressed, Dr. Romanelli will complete a comprehensive assessment using cutting-edge diagnostic technology, thus determining the next steps needed. With your input, he will determine the best course of care, whether it’s consistent management or invasive surgery, helping you step back into life stress-free. 

If you find yourself in pain or discomfort, enlist Dr. Romanelli as your one-and-only knee specialist and an excellent choice as an orthopaedic surgeon in McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley.




shoulder injury Dr. Daniel A. Romanelli, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon La Joya, Texas
Shoulder pain and strain can stop you from living your life. It can slow you down, stress you out, and stunt your abilities. From playing ball with your kids, to cleaning up around the house, to releasing stress through exercise, shoulder injuries can feel like a death sentence to fun and freedom. 
But with Dr. Daniel Romanelli as your enlisted shoulder specialist, you’ll get the reigns back on your life in no time. With his deserved recognition as an expert shoulder specialist and the best orthopaedicsurgeon in New Mexico, he is fully prepared to tackle any shoulder issues that stop you from living your best life.
With a full scope of treatment options to better serve his patient’s needs, Dr. Romanelli offers lasting solutions for ever shoulder struggle, from minor irritations and concerns to life-changing diagnoses and surgeries. After he performs a thorough and integrated evaluation of your ailments, our shoulder specialist will customize your treatment plan to work around your life and needs. Because he understands how shoulder issues arise, whether its due to your line of work, a critical injury, or a chronic condition, he is better prepared to answer your ailments with quick thinking, compassion, and individual focus.
Dr. Romanelli harnesses the power of modern technology and his invaluable experience not only as an expert shoulder specialist, but orthopaedicsurgeon, to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions to your shoulder issues. He treats a wide scope of shoulder issues as a shoulder specialist, including: 

Rotator Cuff Tears or Tendonitis, which result in a tear in the tissues connecting the muscle to the tendons and bone surrounding the shoulder. 

Labral Tears, which affect the tissue, or Labrum, surrounding the shoulder joint. 

Bursitis, which inflames the fluid-filled sacs around your joints that act as a cushion.

Slap Tears, which are injuries to the Glenoid Labrum section of your shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder and shoulder instability, which result in stiffness and decreased range of motion around your shoulder.

Impingement, which is the inflammation of your connective tendon rubbing on your shoulder blade. 

Arthritis, fractures, traumatic injuries, and muscle ruptures are also addressed under Dr. Romanelli’s shoulder specialist service.

Injuries to the shoulder tendon, ligament, and nerve can also be resolved with help from Dr. Romanelli.

Any injuries resulting from work or sport-related activities can be diagnosed, researched, and resolved as well with Dr. Romanelli as your shoulder specialist.

From shoulder pops and breaks to unending aches and swelling, Dr. Romanelli is your answer to it all. He is an excellent orthopaedic surgeon and located in McAllen, Texas, he is well-versed in all things orthopedics, giving him the power to shoulder the burden of your ailments with ease and focus. 
If you find yourself struggling from constant shoulder pain, or think you may have caused injury to your shoulder joint and its surrounding systems, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Romanelli today. Call (956) 420-3311  to discover a shoulder specialist with unrivaled experience and passion. Same-day or next-day appointments are available now, fill out an application request to start the process ASAP. 


Dr. Romanelli is board-certified in both OrthopaedicSurgery and Sports Medicine, and the official New Mexico delegate for American OrthopaedicSociety of Sports Medicine (AOSSM). He specializes in resolving knee and shoulder orthopaedicconditions. 


Dr. Romanelli is the best orthopaedicsurgeon in New Mexico because of his application of new-age medical technologies like MACI cartilage repair, which help regenerate your natural cartilage cells using a special collagen membrane. 


Dr. Romanelli gives back to the community as an orthopaedicconsultant for NMSU Athletics and Las Cruces Area High Schools, and is a fluent spanish speaking shoulder and knee specialist, allowing him to better connect with his patients.


Dr. Romanelli has dedicated his career to advancing orthopedics and healing patients, with 18 years at his private practice, on top of positions as a Clinical Assistant Professor and Forensic OrthopaedicExpert Witness.



There’s no reason why you should suffer through life due to a prevailing injury or issue, you deserve to live fully and freely. Stop struggling and start thriving, with help from the best orthopaedicsurgeon in the Southwest. 
If you’re looking to make an appointment with the best orthopaedicsurgeon in town, call Dr. Romanelli’s office at (956) 420-3311 for same or next-day appointments. Or, if you want to fast-track the process, fill out an application request with your medical info to get the process started now.
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